Chasing dreams while standing still.

Hi I’m gonna go ahead and guess a few things about you! I bet you’ve got big dreams. Like bigger than life dreams that you think about sometimes when you’ve got a few spare minutes. The impossible kind. I bet sometimes you wonder if those dreams will ever come true, because you’re too young. Or maybe you feel like you’ve missed your shot already because you’re another year older and still haven’t seen the progress you want.

I know you don’t really know me yet, but can I just say something? Chill out. Take a breath. Realize that you aren’t in control. And if you are in control...chill out...take a breath...give control back to the Lord.

I’m 23 and have so many big dreams and ideas bursting from my head and heart that I could jump out of my seat right now to just go out and do something. Every once in awhile, anxiety actually tries to creep in and snuff out my excitement by telling me that I’m not doing enough to reach my dreams.

Sometimes it sounds like, “Kierra, you should be doing more. You say you want to change the world, well then why aren’t you doing that RIGHT NOW? You think just going through your day is enough? You’re wasting your precious time. Go out there and make something happen!”

All that sounds like truth. But then why is anxiety quick to follow those thoughts? Lies bring on anxiety. How do I know?

God’s voice comes with peace, joy, and love. God’s truth keeps me in a Kingdom-mindset, NOT in anxiety and stress (Romans 14:17).
Sometimes the enemy uses good things, to take us off track. He does this by making people feel like they have to fulfill legitimate desires outside of God’s will or his timetable. Agree with God that he knows what’s best for you (Proverbs 16:9).
The Lord’s timeline is different than ours. Even though he has given you specific promises over your life about where you’re headed, surrender even those and let God be God. He is a good dad who wants to bless his kids. Listen to him and those blessings will come when he sees best (Deuteronomy 28:1-14).
God has given you a little right now, to see if you can be faithful with more later. Don’t shortcut his training by not stewarding things well now (Luke 16:10, 19:17).
Following God’s timeline, means NOT striving. If you feel like you’re forcing things to happen, then that’s a good sign the Lord is telling you to re-evaluate what you’re doing. If you want to know the direction the Lord is taking you in, follow the path where your heart is at peace, even if you don’t logically understand it (Proverbs 3:5-6).

Society and culture tell us to go go go, do do do, win win win. But I think the Kingdom works differently than that. I think God is asking us to chill chill chill, trust trust trust, wait wait wait. Chill out on thinking you’re not doing enough. Trust that he knows what is best for you and when it’s best for you. Wait on him to advance your life and career.

There’s the success-driven plan, or the development plan. God lets you pick either one. The success plan might seem to be more clear cut and straightforward. It’s more short-term focused. The development plan might seem a little more bumpy and unsure. But it’s in it for the long haul. The development plan doesn’t mean you will be without success, it just means God gets to define what and when “success” is instead of the world.

Hi, me again. Now that we know each other a little more now, here’s what I’m choosing to do, and I want you to do it with me!

I’m gonna keep praying about my dreams and hold those things close to my heart. But I’m deciding to put the Lord over my desires and chase him instead. I’m going to pursue the kingdom first, knowing that he will give me everything I need. I’m choosing the development plan. I’ll spend alone time with the Lord, instead of going out and spending every free minute trying to build my resume. Instead of only hanging with “important” people who can network me into more success, I’ll call that friend who needs some encouragement.

I know you have big dreams. Keep dreaming. Know the Lord already has a time and date set when he is going to make those dreams happen. I almost wonder if you keep just focusing on him, that one day you’re going to look around and see you didn’t have to strive for anything. As you kept stepping towards him, the Lord just made your dreams happen for you...all because you chose him and he chose to love you right back.

Stay positive,


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