I Dare You To Say These 3 Words

Up for a challenge? Are you a risk taker? Do you feel stuck and mundane in your everyday life? Maybe you've been craving something different from your life. Maybe you're not satisfied with life around you and you want to make a change. You may just be in luck. There are 3 words that will change the outcome of your existence on this earth. They will even change the lives around you. These 3 words changed the way I live my life. I actually say them everyday. 

God use me.

Send me to be the change. Use me to shine light in a dark world. Use me to bring hope to the hopeless. Send me to the ragged edges of society. Send me to those who need you.

When you ask God to use you, it requires being sent. It requires putting your map down and following his lead. Jesus was always on the move. He still is. 

He’ll take you across the world. He’ll take you to your neighbor. He’ll take you to your wife or husband. He’ll take you to the part of your heart that needs forgiveness. 

You really never know what you're getting yourself into when you start your day with these 3 words. When you give God complete access to your life crazy things happen. Miracles happen. Breakthroughs happen. Purpose takes place. God wants to use you. Yes, YOU. God will do the most incredible unordinary things in the lives of the most ordinary people. Let me add that Jacob was a hustler. David was a cheater and a killer. Paul was an oppressor. Martha worried too much. Rahab sold her body. Jonah ran from God. Peter denied Jesus. Moses got drunk. God still used them. What's your excuse? God doesn't see you for your mistakes or failures. He sees you for the potential of fulfilling His purpose in your life, if you will let him. 

God has an individual plan for every one of us. There is a common theme however, dying to self.  You see, in order to be more like Jesus and be used by God you must become less and less like yourself. Jesus told us, You must pick up your cross and deny yourself daily.  It's not to be miserable, it's to be set free. 

Salvation is free, but it will cost you everything. Asking God to use you and speaking that over your life may change the trajectory of your life. It may cost you your current relationship. It may cost you your job. It may cost you your retirement plans. It may cost you your vocation in school. Living a life for God and asking Him to use you will be the scariest and most exciting thing you ever did. However, you won't regret it. Why? Remember, denying your plans makes room for His. He designed you. He created you. He knows how to use you properly. He knows what will bring actual joy and fulfillment to your life. He knows more about you than you, believe it or not. I know that's crazy to think, but sometimes we gain more in our life by letting certain things go.

The further you go with God, the less you can take with you. When Jesus called Simon-Peter to fish for men, he couldn't drag his boat with him. I have found out though that the less you take, the more free you actually become. God isn't just calling us away from something, He is calling us into something. He is always leading us closer to Him and further from ourselves. 

Jesus was the epitimy of "God use me". He died for the sin of the world. He took on the sin and shame that was never his. He modeled a life of "God use me". He stood up against the religious when it was uncomfortable. He healed when you weren't "suppose to". He talked to people and hung out with people and loved people that He wasn't "suppose to". He wasn't afraid to be used by God. Before the cross He said, "Father, not my will, but yours be done." There's a cross we all need to pick up in life. It may not be comfortable. It may bring pain. It may be awkward at first. It may be terrifying. You may cry about it. But, your purpose is at stake, and it may, just may be the key to someone else's breakthrough. Because just like Jesus showed us, saying "God use me" isn’t about me, it’s about others. 

Saying "God use me" daily leads to a lifetime of surrender. It's not just one commitment or one prayer that changes your life, it's the daily act of surrendering. That same spirit that raised Jesus from the grave lives on the inside of every single person that believes in Him. He gave us that as a free gift along with salvation. The Holy Spirit is waiting everyday to use you. He is wanting everyday to impact the lives around you. One day He may ask you to give your barista a little bigger tip than normal. Another, He may ask to pray for the person limping and see them healed. Another, He may prompt to just wave at someone. You never know how the smallest actions could be making the biggest impacts. Be obedient to that small whisper, because when you ask God to use you, He will.

Stay positive,


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