Love yourself.

Loving yourself is to look deep within yourself and be more than content with who you are at your core. If you don’t know who you are, you can’t love yourself. 

You can’t love something if you don’t know who or what it is. Its the uncertainty of self that leads to depression and anxiety. Anxiety is just a broken foundation on which someone tried to build themselves from. Uncertainty of yourself and or your circumstances leads to that anxiety. Not being able to change those circumstances and find joy within them eventually leads to depression.

If you want to beat anxiety and depression you have to start to love yourself. You can’t love yourself to the full extent until you know fully who you are. When you know who you are it’s because you know whose you are. When you know whose you are and who made you, your purpose is revealed. Purpose destroys anxiety and depression. Joy comes crashing in. Peace builds a new foundation. Love puts up walls. Grace starts decorating. Your thought life is your home and it’s being rebuilt by God. He’s your creator. This is what He thinks of you. He thinks you are amazing. Worth dying for. Worth pursuing. The God of this universe and everything in it is constantly thinking of you. When you know his love for you... When you know your value is not determined by your income or who the world thinks you are or your past...  but that you were bought with a heavenly currency that the world will never be able to measure up to. You will find yourself in a place of loving yourself. You’ll smile more. Confidence will be restored.

Love for yourself comes from a place of knowing God and that even though you may not understand it all and you may have questions... you still know and you still feel loved. God is so much bigger than your doubts.

Faith says I believe that I am loved by God even if I question it myself and if he loves me and forgives me at my worst... I can love myself.

I hope you know you’re loved. I hope you know you’re forgiven. I hope you know you have purpose. I hope you know there’s a God who is pursuing you, just because He loves you. Not to use you. Not to chain you. Not to hurt you. But to love you and show you who you are and help you walk out that same love in your life. When you know you’re loved, you can return that love to others and not pour from an empty cup. That’s where anxiety and depression don’t just get broken off of you, but destroyed. It doesn’t give it any room to come back.

To have purpose is to live life with a sense of knowing that you were created everyday to live in a relationship with God and it’s not defined by your “job” or “family” or lack there of, or your past. This world will tell you what you’re not, but a God will tell you what you are and reveal who you are. This world will give you anxiety. God will give you peace. If you’re looking for peace you can search all over, you won’t find it. Not the kind you need. Not the kind that when your whole world is falling apart you still have it. You’ll find the peace you need in Jesus. Anything other than that is cheap and won’t last, I promise. I’ve been there. I write these words, not as a psychiatrist or doctor, but as a man who has tried it all and found the cure. A man who is fully known and loved and is returning that love into the world around him. It’s my daily fight against evil to positively impact the people around me. I wouldn’t be able to do that if I didn’t know who I was and whose I was. 

If you’re struggling, I hope this helps. Keep fighting. Keep pursuing the love of God. Tomorrow will be better than today. 

If you feel that these words gripped your heart or grabbed your attention, that’s God getting your attention! 

Love y’all, stay positive!

- Clay 

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