Master Shaper

It's a dying art and I love what I do. I shape hats. I mean, I take a round dome pile of fur that looks like something you would see on top of an amish guy with a beard and pony tails, and shape it into cowboy hats. I cut them down and make fedoras. I even set them on fire to make custom distressed fashion hats. Working at The Best Hat Store (yes, that is the name) I shape A LOT of hats, mainly western influenced and cowboy hats. A cowboy hat, like any other hat, is unique and very personal to the individual that wears it. The shape of a cowboy hat can tell you what someone does for a living, where they are from, and if they rodeo; you can usually dictate what part of the arena they compete on. Shaping and making someone a custom hat is literally taking someone's personality and shaping it for them to wear. The process of getting one hand shaped and formed is really cool and unique, leaving no two the same. I'm the guy that makes that happen. I get to help people tell their story. My main tools include steam and my bare hands.

I think about a lot of different things when I'm shaping, anything from food, to... well usually food. Until I thought about this... we (humans) have a lot in common with these hats.

We are just like hats in the hands of God himself. We are walking works of art being shaped by the Master Shaper. Each and every one of us different from the next, some similar, some drastically different, but all of us serving a purpose. Some cut down by life, others, larger than life. Some of us clean and seem flawless, while others show the scars where damage took place. Some of us show dirt and sweat from hard work and need to be cleaned up every once in a while. Just like every hat is shaped and used differently to serve a purpose, we too are all shaped and used different to serve a purpose. It reminds me of a scripture out of Jeremiah in chapter 18 verse 6 where God talks to Jeremiah about the nation of Israel and says "like clay in the hand of the potter, you too are in my hand." 

God wants to tell you today, that just like a hat in the hand of a shaper being molded and created to be a work of art, you too are in His hands being formed and molded to fulfill your purpose.

But remember at the top, how I told you about how I shape hats? It takes steam, it takes irons, it takes a sharp blade, it takes sand paper; sometimes we even use fire.

When you face trials and tribulations in life, you're just being shaped. You are just being molded. You have to trust that God in all of His wisdom and love for you is just using the bad things in this world to form you into a work of art, if you let Him. 

My fingers can't cut the brim of a hat, but a blade can. The palm of my hand can't turn the rough, unfinished edge of a hat into something soft, but sand paper can. God's hands can't hurt you. His fingers can't cut you. The same goes with all of the bad things in this world. His hands are in control. So when life tries to tear you down, and what the enemy meant for evil to try and ruin you... just remember God is in control, HE is the Master Shaper and He will use it all to work for your good and turn it into art. (see Romans 8:28)

 Every hat tells a story.

Some of you may look precious and clean, while others show years and years of abuse... One is not prettier than the other. One is just different than the other. Every hat with every scar, stain, rip, and dent is unique and tells a story. You too, will tell a story. You too may have to be ironed out and straightened up every so often. He will dust you off. He will stiffen you back up. You are just like a hat in his hands. 

Just like I shape hats, God shapes people. He is the Master Shaper and master creater. Just like Psalm 139:13 tells us that you were knitted together by God himself in your mothers womb. You were created. You were designed for a purpose.

Jesus loves you. He promised you that this life would be hard. He promised you that you would face trials. He also promised you peace in the midst of all of it. He promised to never leave or forsake you. He promised to make all things new. He promised you eternal life. Remember that next time you face a trial.

Also, remember this that next time you see someone going through some hard times. Maybe they are dirty. Maybe they show signs of wear and tare. Maybe they look distressed. Maybe they don't look as perfect... I, as a hat shaper, make hats look like this on purpose all the time and it gets called art... and it's even been featured on the front of magazines. They too, in the eyes of God, are art. Treat them as such. 

Stay positive,


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  • What a beautifully illustrated story comaparing what you do to hats, to what Christ does in our lives. Keep writing young man, you have a lot to say that a lot of people need to hear. God Bless

  • Enjoyed reading this. You drew a great comparison. It gives a great visual to hold on to. Thanks for sharing! ?

  • Once heard a sermon, where the preacher urged us to “look and find God in the eyes of everyone you meet,” I have since applied this to my life and it reminds me of your comparison to hat shaping, because God is definitely everywhere!

    Erin Zeigler
  • What a great comparison. You rock! I love that you see God’s glory in the gifts He has given you.

    Katheleen Pickett

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