Miracles Do Happen


This is the face you make when you broke your ankle 4 days ago but God completely heals it in a moment. Going from extreme pain and barely walking to no pain and walking around without assistance.

Meet David. David broke his ankle 4 days ago when he fell off the sidewalk after stepping on the curb wrong. A man who most people when he approaches them would say get lost. A man who most people would deem unimportant was on heavens highlight reel today because God loves everyone. Especially the ones that not everyone loves.

I share this story with you today not to bring attention to me but to point attention to God and what he is capable of doing. I also only shared this with David permission. He actually was so excited about his healing that he wanted to share this story and can’t wait to tell all of his friends what Jesus did for him. 

Miracles do happen.

I can’t wait to share more stories like this one in 2019 on my podcast “Miracles Do Happen.” 

Miracles happen everyday. Your faith may be the key to someone else’s breakthrough! 


Love y’all, stay positive! 

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