Why turning 24 was the worst birthday ever.

24 is just that lame birthday that is a step closer to 30 but you still haven't gotten that break on your auto insurance yet. Also if you have not already graduated college, started a great career and or a family then you can feel a little underwhelmed by the significance of this birthday. You may feel a little behind in life.

Before we go any further, I now... The title of this blog seems a little dramatic. Also, let me tell you this, the actual birthday was great. The days leading up to it were great. I just couldn't look at my life and feel like I was where I wanted to be for turning 24. So whether you're 24, 19, or 44 if you you are chasing your dreams and haven't seen them come true yet, this blog is for you. 

It's easy to click on social media and see other early 20 and 30 somethings being great at life, taking vacations and being successful at such a young age. The highlight reel of their life can make you take a look at your own and feel like a failure. 

Maybe you're like me, still dreaming and still working hard to make those dreams come true. Or maybe you don't know what you want to do. Maybe you're barely making ends meet and you feel like you're getting passed up in life by your peers as you take on your day to day grind and live paycheck to paycheck. Whether you are a teenager or a 40 something year old...

Can I remind you of something? Actually, someone.

Jesus. The carpenter. The one who built furniture. You may know him as savior or Lord, but right now I want you to be reminded of him as a carpenter. He didn't start his ministry, pursue his purpose, save and change the world, until he was 30 years old. The whole time he was doing carpentry his cousin John the baptist was a prophet in the wilderness, doing ministry, fulfilling his purpose and changing lives. And just so you know, Jesus and John are the same age. Both have unique and powerful lives. Both were born specifically into a time and place God created them for. Different callings working towards the same purpose. However, when Jesus was doing carpentry, John was doing ministry. When Jesus was selling tables, John was baptizing and preaching. When Jesus was waiting for the timing of the Lord to start, John was preaching and preparing the word...

I wanted to point that out to you to give you hope in the waiting. You have a unique and specific purpose to play in this life. Just because it feels mundane now, doesn't mean it always will be. You are not here on accident. You were born for such a time as this. You have a role to play in the lives around you. So do our friends and family that may seem further ahead of you by the worlds standards. Let me remind you today that you just happen to be in a different place and going at a different pace and there is nothing wrong with that. So take a deep breath.  

You are still young. You still have time. God still has a plan. Be patient with the process! Draw close to him, seek his kingdom, and watch as the anxiety of not being enough leaves your life. 

As for me, I will work hard and continue to dream. I don't want a boring typical life anyway. I want to tell a story with mine. I will chase after these dreams, but I will make time to sit at Jesus feet first. I'll cover that in the next blog. Until next time.

Stay Positive,


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