Clay's Story

Positive Times is a reflection of the change that God made in my life, from the way I think, to the way I live.

The story goes like this...

I wrecked my truck.

I was 19 years old when I flipped my truck over some rail road tracks drinking and driving. I crossed over 3 lanes and launched over the small hill the tracks were on sending me flying through the air and rolling into a field, totaling my truck. I walked away from the accident without a scratch. I was arrested that night. 19 years old and my second time in jail. The first time was for public intoxication the early morning of my high school graduation. I was really messed up. My life was one giant reckless party. I should have not survived that wreck and thank God no one else was involved. The wreck really made me take a long look at myself. Who was I? What had I become? Why did I live? My coworker at the time told me "Clay, God is not through with you yet". Those words echoed in my head and they still do. At the time I honestly could not see what God would want to do with a guy like me. I used people. I was selfish. I was prideful. I had been to jail twice. I had nothing to offer Him and nothing was exactly what He wanted. Nothing. He had already done everything by hanging up on a cross dying for me. All He wanted was for me to know and encounter him.

I moved shortly after that to Fort Worth from College Station. I was given an amazing opportunity and ran with it. New city, new job, and soon to be a new me. I sat in my empty 1 bedroom apartment and decided I would get to know this God that "wasn't through with me yet". I opened my bible to Matthew and read about Jesus. My life was forever changed. I began to understand there was nothing I could do to clean myself up enough to earn His love. But, He loved me before I ever loved Him back. He revealed to me my value and when I saw my value, I saw everyone else's. I read and prayed for God to give me wisdom to understand His word and for His Spirit to live within me. He gave me a second chance at life and I decided I was not going to waste it. I asked him to forgive me for everything I had ever done. I told him I would dedicate my life to following him. He gave me a new life. He gave me new positive perspective. He gave me joy, peace, and happiness that I could not explain and had never experienced before. My life was starting to look different than before. I was working out and reading a lot when I wasn't working. A positive change had occurred.

I showed up to work one day several months later and saw a pair of custom boots on my bosses desk. There was a brand on the top that really stuck out to me, +x. They told me it was their cattle brand. I asked what it meant and they told me Positive Times. Immediately my mind was racing with ideas of seeing it on clothes and people all over the world. It was so simple, so perfect, and spoke so much to my new positive life after moving there. I spent the next few months drawing up ideas. I was loosing sleep I was so excited. "Think it. Live it. Wear it." The slogan. I have no idea how I came up with it but it just stuck in my head. I approached my boss about using his cattle brand for my clothing company. He was excited to tell me to go for it! So, I went for it. I bought a few shirts and caps, built a website, and started marketing and selling them on my Facebook. Everyone loved it.

Since then, Positive Times has grown from what I considered a hobby to a platform that I use to share Gods love and inspire others to live a more positive life. I plan on using it to be more than just great clothes to casually wear and work out in, but to use social media to grow this into a global community of people bettering their lives and the lives around them. 

If God loves me, I hope you know how much He loves you. If God can use me, I hope you know how He can use you.


- Clay