The Mission

The mission is simple: create positivity.

Influenced by his life changing relationship with God, Clay is on a mission to positively impact the world by helping them realize they are loved and have a purpose in this life. Through social media, his goal is to inspire people to be more positive in the way they think, live, and impact society, challenging them to make the most of this one opportunity at life they are given.

"I really believe we get one gift and one promise when we're born. The gift is your body. The promise is you will die. What you do with that gift will determine how long and how well you live. Getting to know the God that created your body will not only give you life after death, but purpose for while you're on earth." - Clay Patterson

He started positive times as a clothing company, but has transformed it into an organization founded on his personal beliefs and positive lifestyle in hopes to impact his generation and the ones to come. 

"My personal mission is The Great Commission. I want to create disciples just as Jesus taught us. I believe America has done a good job of telling people about Jesus but could do a better job of discipling people on living the life Jesus modeled for us. I want christians to be known as the most positive people on the planet, not only in the way they take care of themselves, but the way they love and take care of others."

The online content Clay creates is meant to lead, train, encourage, and inspire others to find purpose in their life through knowing God and living in a way that makes a positive impact not only on themselves, but the world around them. 

"The clothes are mission driven and how I make money to keep this thing going. I want to make clothes that represent the company well, are comfortable, and use it to help raise money to make a positive impact on the community around me. I want people to see the clothes, recognize the symbol, and let that be a reminder to be positive and to make a positive difference every single day. Whether you are wearing the shirt or see it on someone else."

Positive Times is a rapidly growing brand, not only in sales, but in community. With plans to be recognized worldwide, Canada and Mexico are already checked off the list. Clay has recently created a Youtube Channel and a Podcast to help inspire and encourage more people. Make sure to follow Positive Times and keep up with Clay on social media and subscribe to his youtube channel and podcast.

IG: @clay_patterson / @mdhpodcast

Youtube: Positive Times with Clay Patterson

Podcast:  Miracles Do Happen